Registration Practices Professional Registers

We are highly specialized in the translation of all documents, such as:

  •     Qualification documents,
  •     Graduate certificates, Bachelor’s degree,
  •     Graduate certificates, master,
  •     Certificates, certificate of good repute, professional qualification
  •     Good standing, etc.

Example of certificate

To cite a few examples of practices we conducted, we have been providing our customers the translation of documents required:

  •     Registration of midwives England (Royal College of Midwives – RCM)
  •     Registration of New Zealand midwives (Midwifery Council of New Zealand – MCNZ)
  •     Registration of dentists England (General Dental Council – GDC)
  •     The register of doctors in England (General Medical Council – GMC UK)
  •     The register of veterinary surgeons England (Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons – RCVS)
  •     Registration of nurses England (Nursing and Midwifery Council – NMC)
  •     The register of Pharmacists England (General Pharmaceutical Council – GPhC)
  •     Registration to Ireland nurses (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland-NMBI)

Other countries for which we have translated documents for professional bodies were Ireland, Germany, France, etc.

For different occupational categories of the World Health Organization, in fact, is required to be registered in the national register to practice abroad. Therefore you must translate legal documents relating to their training and documents certifying his qualification and certification to operate.

Some of occupations that require registration:

  •     Surgeon
  •     Dentist
  •     Psychologist
  •     Veterinarian
  •     Nurse
  •     Obstetrician
  •     Osteopath
  •     Pharmacist

For this practice you should always proceed with certified translation; in most cases, you should proceed to the legalization or apostille after certification.

Thanks to many years of experience in the development of these practices we are the reliable contact and prepared to entrust the translation of your documents.

Ask now for your quote: If you need different materials (such as good standing, certificate of degree and habilitation) we will have a special focus on applying discounts dedicated to your project!

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Lately there are some news about the Chinese documents translation for entry to professional bodies.

By some professional bodies requires that the documents are filed in probate and marked just the contact information of the translator and his original signature; Therefore the Agency produces a certified translation (certified translation) on letterhead. It is important that the words ‘I confirm that this translation is an exact and direct translation from the original language into English “required by the body.