DOD F500LHD Dash Cam

The DOD F500LHD is a totally famous digital camera that can report 1080p at 30FPS. it’s far one of the most dependable sprint cams and offers very good photo fine in the day and average / proper image best at night time. note that the night time video nice is grainy. This digital camera is based totally at the Ambarella A2S processor.

F500LHD models

Like the various DOD cameras there are numerous variations to be had on eBay, Aliexpress and DealExtreme. The primary models encompass:

  • DOD F500LHD (DOD emblem)
  • F500LHD (impartial OEM model)
  • Kapkam Q2 (Russian model)
  • mystery MDR-800HD (Russian version)
  • Supra SCR-500 (Russian version)
  • F200HD (Russian version)
  • Subini DVR-F880LHD (Russian version)
  • sprint Witness (Overpriced impartial OEM model)
  • + Many Others

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Real vs fake F500LHD

There are many fake F500LHD cameras for sale. This web page will help you become aware of the real cameras from the fakes. note that the models finishing in LHD include a wide angle lens. avoid the DOD F500HD or impartial F500. those fashions do no longer have a huge perspective lens and the viewing perspective is simply too small.

Additionally ensure the dash cam you’re selecting has 4 buttons on the aspect. Many fakes only have 3 buttons.

The pleasant manner to inform in case you have become a “authentic version” is through searching at the firmware. search for cameras that have firmware finishing in T2L-KH. You have to be able to discover a camera with firmware V3.1 T2L-KH and above. All firmware that lead to “T2L-KH”, can be upgraded to the cutting-edge version (v8.nine T2L-KH) via following the Firmware replace commands on this record.

Regarded problems

No important troubles but the following problems had been referred to.

Bumpy avenue sound nice

The dash cam vibrates on a bumpy street causing sound nice to be shaky and terrible. this is a regarded difficulty of dash cams on this collection (and many different chinese-made) because of poor first-class of the microphone used.

the easiest solution is to use a greater rigid mounting bracket to minimize how a whole lot the sprint cam shakes. See the next section on mounting the digital camera.

some owners have replaced the microphone but that is a much greater complex technique.

Bumpy avenue image pleasant

The sprint cam vibrates on a bumpy road causing image great to be shaky and poor.

all over again, the easiest answer is to apply a more inflexible bracket to mount the digicam to glass. See the subsequent segment on mounting the camera.

Card full

The dash cam stops and presentations the message “Card complete”, even though the cycle placing is on. This problem is pretty rare.

To solve, upgrade to the present day to be had firmware for your version. perform a system reset inside the menu (click on RESET). format the cardboard in the recorder (item layout). Set the duration of the recording to much less than five mins.

Date and time reset

This occurs if the outside energy deliver is off and the battery absolutely discharges. You want to check the battery popularity.

you can additionally want to test the cleanliness of the battery contacts within the dash cam. If necessary, easy the use of a fabric with alcohol answer.

the other way up image fine

whilst the usage of the digital camera upside down the photo fine dramatically decreases whilst recording at 1280 x 720p. This has long been known for a programming error however has been fixed in firmware model eight.nine T2L-KH.

in case you do use the inverted mode, we endorse you record at the maximum decision of 1920 x 1080p.

put off among clips

beginning with firmware 3.1 there are not any breaks between recording clips (technically there’s a ruin of approximately 1/30 seconds, that is equal to two frames in continuous recording)

screen goes clean, stops recording

a few proprietors have indicated that the camera will get a clean screen and stop recording. this can be prompted by means of changing lighting fixtures conditions. ability troubles are the SD card or a bad interplay between the A2 processor and the Hynix memory.